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"D Home Magazine"    &    "Dallas Gold Pages 2006"



Peggy Healy Parker wrote an article in the HOME SOURCE section of the July/Aug 2004 issue of  D Home magazine titled "The Best Painters and Electricians in Dallas".  The same description was reprinted in D Home's "Dallas Gold Pages 2006".

Paul Jackson Painting Co.
252 E. First St., Lancaster. 972-228-9175.
A third-generation painter, Paul Jackson learned his craft at his father’s knee. These experts do Level 5 finishes. “What’s that?” we queried. “We make your house look like a new car body,” he said. Just ask one of their customers in the Park Cities or North Dallas where they’ve been painting residential exteriors and interiors since 1975. They will customize finishes, too. According to Jackson, “Faux is still big.” One client asked for her walls to look like those of the Crescent Court Hotel. Jackson’s magicians chose the matching color, added some aggregate to the paint, drew mortar lines and—presto!—instant stone. The company charges by the job for time and material.



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